Digital print stationery cards

Here at Paceprint, we cater for all manner of stationery needs. We print Letterheads, Continuation Sheets, Compliment Slips, Notepads, business cards and envelopes.

All of our standard stationery is printed on 100gsm Laser guaranteed bond in full colour. However, for any discerning customers on the hunt for something a little bit more special, we also offer a range of creative materials, including the Conqueror, Zeta or Curious ranges. These come complete with a variety of pantone colour options and finishing styles, including Foil Blocking and Embossing.

We use several different printing methods to encompass any stationery project ideas from customers. Thermography creates a raised print, suggesting the look of engraving, but at a lower cost.

Engraving is a more premium option, creating raised lettering and “bruising,” the indentations that can be felt in the paper. There’s a premium fineness and vibrant feel to engraved print that other techniques cannot match.

Letterpress Printing is a handcrafted method of pressing the ink into paper. This method of Digital print business cardsprinting can be considerably more cost-effective than engraving, but has a less formal feel.

Of course, Lithography, Lithographic PrintingLitho PrintingOffset Printing or Digital Printing are our forte. This method of printing results in premium feel type that is smooth to the touch, has an unimposing, casual feel and can be manipulated easily – through binding and the like.